Dead Good Gifts 2016

It’s that time of year. Some of us will be sitting back with a smug sense of achievement, whilst others pretending they have plenty of time. Here at Death and the Maiden we have complied our annual list of wondrous deathly fem gifts. There should be plenty of inspiration for your last minute dash and  many a thrilled receiver. If you need more ideas take a look at our 2015 list too. Shop independent and give something different this Christmas.


Little Book of Maudism

Death and the Maiden’s own Lucy Coleman Talbot has released her Little Book of Maudism just in time for Christmas. This death positive dedication to the 1971 cult classic Harold and Maude gives you ten lessons to live by. The book contains beautiful artwork, a colouring sheet and recipes from our co-founder, Sarah Chavez, Conjurer’s Kitchen and The Moon Underwater. All profits go to the mental health charity Mind.


Lozzy Bones Art

Lozzy has some gorgeous macabre Christmas cards available this year, including a new design pictured. Check out her online shop for all kinds of beautiful gifts, including prints, jewelry and pins. Lozzy’s tarot range is a must see and the complete deck will be available in 2017 so keep your eyes peeled.


Laurel Witting

“Different, Dark, Unique and Peculiar”

Laurel’s work is a delicate mix of traditional mourning and modern design. Each piece bespoke and undeniably beautiful. Taking inspiration from a variety of sources we don’t doubt you will find something perfect for someone special in Laurel’s shop. You can read more about her work here.


Everything Dies! A coloring book about life  – 2nd Edition by Bri Barton

This coloring and activity book is death positive fun for the whole family! The second edition of Bri Barton’s coloring book features death and decomposition science, fascinating death rituals you can color, activities like designing your own coffin and so much more!


Brujas – Santa Muerte Hoodie

Brujas is a freeform, urban revolutionary feminist collective based in New York. They’ve just released a limited edition Muertisima line that includes a hoodie featuring our favorite bony lady.


Mortalls: The Death Positive Conversation Game

Created by a father-daughter team, this question and answer game has been crafted with creativity, compassion and a dash of humor. It transforms what often is the most difficult topic to talk about into a truly profound – and sometimes even beautiful – experience.


Death Positive Art Prints by Angela Kirkpatrick 

Some of you may already be familiar with with Angela’s bespoke mourning jewelry at Wisp Adornments. She has recently released a trio of art prints to keep you inspired and death positive throughout your day.


Goldengrove Jewelry

After suffering a great personal tragedy Maggie Cross found the need to create pieces heavily inspired by Victorian Mourning and Sentimental Jewelry. Her work features elegant skeletons, skulls, death and memento mori iconography. We are greedy and want everything Maggie makes.


The Safety Pin Box

The Safety Pin Box is a monthly subscription of ally tasks for the month. A physical box is sent to those who subscribe with tasks that range from “individual to group assignments, and task categories include data collection, personal development, influencing your networks, and showing radical compassion,”* all while supporting black women. This initiative taps into our mission at Death & the Maiden – to provide support, education and amplify the voices and people doing the work.


Salt is For Curing by Sonya Vatomsky

This collection of poetry from Russian American non-binary artist Sonya Vatomsky is one of those gifts you will probably end up keeping for yourself.

Go ahead, you deserve it.


Grief Support 

For many of us, the holidays are particularly hard, especially for the newly bereaved. Help provide some much needed emotional support for a friend, family member or yourself, from Megan Devine, a clinical mental health therapist who specializes in grief. There are plenty of options available that take consideration of your comfort level – an audio book, a grief writing class in a group, or one-on-one.


The Creeping Museum

The Creeping Museum features some of the most beautiful enamel pins we’ve seen this year, designed by incredible, independent artists and benefiting various non-profit organizations. Your order arrives packaged in a thoughtful and creative way that makes receiving one an absolute pleasure.

They have closed their doors for 2016, but fear not… they will be back in 2017 with big things!


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