Dead Good Gifts For 2017

… gifts with a purpose.


Lozzy Bones Art

Our brilliant and beloved logo artist, Lozzy Bones has something for (almost) everyone on your list! Stunning jewelry, prints, pins, tote bags and more!


Divine Excesss

“I paint flowers, so they will not die” – Frida Kahlo

We love the work of Nicholas Johnson, he produces the most gorgeous candles, available as single items or sets. Specializing in beautiful bespoke art, he finds inspiration in religious iconography, Santa Muerte and Mexican Folk Art. At Christmas, Nick offers an incredible Christmas line of handmade goods too. Click here to dress your dark home for the holidays.


Laurel Witting

“Different, Dark, Unique and Peculiar”

Laurel’s work is a delicate mix of traditional mourning and modern design. Each piece bespoke and undeniably beautiful. Taking inspiration from a variety of sources we don’t doubt you will find something perfect for someone special in Laurel’s shop. You can read more about her work here.


Radical Dreams Pins

Radical Dreams is a Black woman owned business that features lapel pins with a message. There are so many wonderful choices, including this Underground Railroad pin that actually blinks (epilepsy warning)! “This lantern was our way of creating a pin that paid homage to our Ancestors and the Underground Railroad…We just hope it reminds you to keep going, even when the future is unclear.” Pair it with their Harriet Tubman and Black Lives Matter pins.


The Creeping Museum

The Creeping Museum features some of the most beautiful enamel pins we’ve seen, designed by incredible, independent artists and benefiting various non-profit organizations. This year, they’ve added postcards and tees to their line. Your order arrives packaged in a thoughtful and creative way that makes receiving a package an absolute pleasure.

Butter Sweet Death

The Little Witches

Future corpses always need a little extra TLC! Pamper someone on our gift list, or yourself, with this body care line created by an actual mortician, Amber Carvaly. Pictured is our favorite, sweet peanut butter with marshmallow fluff. It’s a limited run of 10 so don’t miss out!


Grief Support From Loss & Found

The holidays can be a particularly challenging time, especially for the newly bereaved; and let’s face it, this has been a rough year for all of us. We could use some support and clarity as we head into 2018. Grief coach Rachel Ricketts is a “loss sur-thriver” who has been through some shit and can help others get through theirs. Rachel offers a wide range of grief support options including FREE ones.


Border Angels

Border Angels prevents unnecessary deaths along the U.S.-Mexico border through desert water drops, border rescue stations and day laborer outreach. You can support their work by shopping in their store which includes angel bracelets – a great gift for the angels in your life.


AJ Hawkins Art

Artist AJ Hawkins uses art and science to highlight how life is facilitated by death. Her stunning artwork examines the beauty that can be found in decomposition and encourages the viewer to face their complex feelings and fear surrounding death. In addition to her art, AJ has created a line of clothing and accessories that are inspired by life and our relationship to death. You can learn more about her here.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.33.55 PM

Reproductive Rights Are Human Rights

Declare your support of this important human right with a tee, hoodie, or tote! Proceeds benefit the Center for Reproductive Rights and organizations like Black Mamas Matter.


Choose Love

Choose Love is an online store that allows you to buy real items for refugees—from emergency blankets to school bags and supplies to medical equipment. If you are in London, there’s a brick and mortar location you can shop at, too! Read more about how Choose Love works here.


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