Over the Garden Wall: Children, Death and the Mystery of the Unknown

Whether Krista Amira Calvo was so swept up in the panic or if her mind has forcibly forgotten it she cannot tell, but a childhood memory was brought back to her the first time she watched Over the Garden Wall, the Cartoon Network miniseries whose death positive themes made her heart swell with exultation.

Darker in the Sun

Krista Amira Calvo wants to know if you’ve heard of El Tren de la Muerte (the Death Train)? Carrying upwards of 500,000 migrants toward the border a year. They ride atop these high-speed snaking monstrosities, risking life and limb on a journey that will hopefully end in America – yet, often ends in death.

The Little Book of Burial

Krista Amira Calvo takes us on a journey across the globe with The Little Book of Burial. A playful hands on experience that sheds light on different cultures and their burial practices. Exploring the evolution of burial and some rituals that are no longer practiced but still very iconic and recognisable to us. This delightful pop-up book captures the innocence and joy of childhood whilst educating and opening up discussions about death.