Krista Amira Calvo

Krista is a Caribbean-Latinx Bioarchaeologist, writer and avid necropolitical activist. She currently heads the organization The Black Veil Coalition, a vessel she uses to promote communication, intersectionality and activism in the death positive community in regards to race, gender and feminist issues. She has conducted osteological research in Transylvania and is currently focusing her work on the bioarchaeology of women and children, exploring pathological abnormalities caused by stress and malnutrition in historic orphan girls. She enjoys talking about bones, writing about bones and generally just hanging out with bones. She has two fluffy cats and currently resides in NYC.

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Caroline Reilly

Caroline is a student at Boston College Law School and a reproductive justice advocate. She recently presented at the Death and the Maiden conference on how anti-abortion movement co-opts death-phobia to advance their agenda, and is interested in the ways in which death positivity and the reproductive justice movement intersect. She is also an avid true crime fan, and wants to further explore the ways in which women connect to the genre as a source of strength and healing. You can find her writing on abortion rights, women and pain, and more at Bitch MediaBustFrontline (PBS), Scarleteen, and Rewire. You access her nationally recognized writing on teen access to abortion here.

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Nuri McBride

Nuri is a Research Fellow at the Minerva Centre for the Study of Law under Extreme Conditions, where she investigates how society, specifically, how the law, copes with mass death events and the refugees these events create. Nuri is a 5th generation Metaharet and has served her community for 15 years. She is also active in natural burial and death positivity education. As well as advocating for an inclusive approach to Jewish death traditions. While studying as journeyman perfumer in her free time Nuri started her blog which examines the use of olfaction in death rituals around the world.

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Lara-Rose Iredale

Lara is an Anatomical Pathology Technologist (APT) based in London. As part of a (currently) all-female team, she has been providing care for the deceased in a hospital mortuary setting for the past 3 years, a much more varied role than you might think. A firm believer in public engagement surrounding death and dying, Lara is hoping to encourage more openness and understanding of what happens behind the mortuary doors. One of her particular interest is maternal deaths and how they demonstrate the devastating effects of inequality and deprivation on healthcare outcomes. You can hear more about Lara’s work on the Morbid Curiosities Podcast.

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Maggie Mayhem

Maggie is a former sex worker, current birth worker, and apprentice death worker based in San Francisco, CA. She has served on the Board of Directors of SWOP-USA, a member of the training team of the Bay Area Doula Project, founder of Harm Redux SF, and is an international activist for sex worker rights, harm reduction, and reproductive justice. She examines the role of bodily autonomy in human sexuality, pregnancy, and death.

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