Pitch the Maidens!

We are always looking for contributors who can bring unique perspectives that feature areas of their research, expertise or experience as it relates to the theme of death and the feminine.

We will consider anything from academic papers to personal essays, to interviews, as well as artistic pieces. Word count is not an issue. This is an inclusive space, so you are welcome to contribute no matter how you identify. Pieces that shame subjects for their choices or lifestyles are not appropriate for Death & the Maiden.

Please send your story idea, including a clear informative headline, tell us a bit about yourself and how your piece engages with the theme of death and the maiden. Full or completed pieces are acceptable as well. If you have pictures feel free to include them.

We will occasionally post subjects we are seeking writers for.

Send your pitches to Sarah and Lucy at deadmaidens@gmail.com



‘Girl with Desk Mask’ [1938] by Frida Kahlo