• Le Bizarreum

    Le Bizarreum

    Juliette is bring death positivity to France. Her YouTube channel, Le Bizarreum explores death through historical and archaeological cases.

  • The Little Book of Burial

    The Little Book of Burial

    Krista Amira Calvo takes us on a journey across the globe with The Little Book of Burial. A playful hands on experience that sheds light on different cultures and their burial practices. Exploring the evolution of burial and some rituals that are no longer practiced but still very iconic and recognisable to us. This delightful…

  • Skeletons in My Life’s Closet

    Jelena Bekvalac is a Curator of Human Osteology at the Centre for Human Bioarchaeology, Museum of London. As a life course becoming a museum curator and working with human skeletal remains was not one that she carefully planned. From exciting opportunities in London to excavations in Jordan and Prague Jelena takes us on a journey down her fascinating…

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