• 199 Cemeteries To See Before You Die

    199 Cemeteries To See Before You Die

    Following the release of Loren Rhoads new book, 199 Cemeteries to see before you Die.

  • The Gendered Garden: Sexual Transgression of Women Walking Alone in Cemeteries

    The Gendered Garden: Sexual Transgression of Women Walking Alone in Cemeteries

    Romany Reagan has been walking in Abney Park Cemetery for a total of nine years, often alone. As a walking practitioner dedicated to encouraging new perspectives within cemetery space, a recent personal revelation called for self reflection and a much wider contemplation.

  • The Luminary

    The Luminary

    The Luminary was created by Mavis Frempong. It is an environment that commemorates death and also opens up conversations about it. RESEARCH PERSONAS Based on Interviews SITE ANALYSIS I have proposed a new build to be located at Queen’s Drive, Edinburgh. I have chosen this site because it is a beautiful, serene environment that harmonises with…

  • Sweet Fanny Adams

    Sweet Fanny Adams

    On this day 149 years ago, eight year old Fanny Adams was brutally murdered by Frederick Baker, a 29 year old solicitor’s clerk. Her grave still stands in Alton Cemetery, adorned lovingly with teddies, tea lights and flowers. Perhaps her name is familiar to you. Maybe you have heard the phrase “Sweet Fanny Adams” or “Sweet…

  • Help Me Bring Them Back From The Dead

    What started as googling, quickly became a visit to California and resulted in a rather sad discovery. In Hollywood, there are so many graves of long-forgotten or barely remembered stars that once shined brightly on the silver screen. This is not how these women should be remembered. Their stories should be told. Remembering them for who they were and…

  • The Little Book of Burial

    The Little Book of Burial

    Krista Amira Calvo takes us on a journey across the globe with The Little Book of Burial. A playful hands on experience that sheds light on different cultures and their burial practices. Exploring the evolution of burial and some rituals that are no longer practiced but still very iconic and recognisable to us. This delightful…

  • Natural Burial Grounds & Beyond

    How much space is left?  Why don’t we bury keen golfers in the rough or under the fairway, followers of the turf on the edge of race courses, football fans under the pitch? How much new woodland do we need? The more rural and stunning the landscape, the more local people do not want it altered.…

  • Mrs Blunden of Basingstoke

    Mrs Blunden of Basingstoke

    Lucy Coleman Talbot shares the horrifying tale of her home town. Mrs Blunden, who was not buried alive once… but twice

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