• Le Bizarreum

    Le Bizarreum

    Juliette is bring death positivity to France. Her YouTube channel, Le Bizarreum explores death through historical and archaeological cases.

  • Silent Sisters: Caring for the dead in gendered religious space

    Nuri McBride is a Metaheret, which means washing and ritually preparing the dead in the Jewish traditions, as well as assisting in funeral preparation and bereavement. As a member of  a Chevras you provide kosher body preparation, funeral services, bereavement support, and palliative care, free of charge as a community service. With women outnumbering men in Chevras…

  • Death Dialogue in the City

    Founder of The Parlor, Emerita Colon is all about launching mortality awareness is Chicago. Her own positive experience of a funeral “gotten right” in 2005 begged the question, why aren’t all funerals like this?  Working in the world of death midwifery allows Emerita to contribute to a more community-direct, spiritual, hands and heart-oriented model of…

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