What The Texas Fetal Remains Ruling Really Means and How You Can Take Action

Last Monday, after the Texas State Department of Health Services announced the addition of the word ‘cremation’ to their list of approved methods of disposition for the remains of an abortion or miscarriage, headlines were quick to appear suggesting a forced linkage between certain women’s health services and those of the funeral industry. Still in the early days after the Trump/Pence election that has everyone on high alert for abuses of power and transgressions of civil rights, news of the ruling was predictably met with outrage from pro-choice supporters who envisioned a scenario in which the woman would be stuck paying for-or at least having to decide on-a perceived funeral service option after a procedure.


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A Celebration of Death

Festival of Ian Smith, 28th October – 23rd December, 2017 at Edinburgh’s Summerhall is set to be an eclectic mix of art, music, performance and installation – all investigating, challenging, confronting or celebrating death. The festival explores why we often find it difficult to talk about death in our society, and how art and artists can help. Olivia Carr talks to event organiser Angie Dight to find out more about this wonderful event and what inspired setting up a festival in her husband Ian’s memory.


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In the Borderland, the alien presence can be felt everywhere. This week our friend and the founder of Foolish People, John Harrigan, takes us on a journey to the shores of Eden. Away from the fixed and familiar, into a state of transition. One of suffering, creativity and truth. Grief is a poison bullet. Only with art and ritual can we navigate through this void. Just remember, lean into the art, when you can’t hold the weight of your own body.


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Little Miss Funeral

Lauren LeRoy is a funeral director from New York State. Entering mortuary school at nineteen, she had no idea what she was in for. Lauren reflects on her experiences in a male dominated industry and on why her job is so important. This beautiful dedication to her Grandfather’s memory takes us back to a snowy day in November and into the precious memories that keep alive those that influenced us the most.


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A Better Understanding of Death

Last Thursday Death & the Maiden’s Lucy Talbot attended the Good Funeral Awards, as we had been nominated for the “Most Significant Contribution to the Understanding of Death” award 2016. Here Sarah and Lucy (the Maidens) reflect on the values at the core of their mission and introduce to you the other nominees in the category. Most of which you will find are female.


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Talk is cheap. Burials are not: Why only telling people what you want for your funeral is not enough

Amber Carvaly is back on Death & the Maiden today to discuss a subject very close to her heart. As one half of Undertaking LA, Amber encourages anybody and everybody to talk about death, dying and their wishes for the end of life. Although this is important (and she makes clear it absolutely is) Amber is here to say that talking should be the first step in an important process. One that will assist in your final wishes being met and help your friends and family meet them when the time comes. So get ready for some helpful hints, tips and tricks to start you on the path.


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