The East End funeral

When Lucy Lyons took a quick snap on her mobile phone of something rarely seen, two beautiful feather plumed horses and a carriage accompanied by two long coated, top hat wearing gents, she never imagined the impact loading it on social media would have. The tradition of horse drawn hearses continues in east London but is still an uncommon and rather magnificent sight. Is it any surprise that at a time when we post photos of our coffee to Instagram and kids take selfies at funerals, that Lucy posted a photo of beautiful horses pulling a hearse?

'Going out in style' via

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Women in the Mourning

Kate Mayfield is the author of the memoir, The Undertaker’s Daughter. Here she takes us back to a time when women were not prominent figures in the funeral industry. Sharing the stories of women who played important roles ‘behind the scenes’ at her father’s funeral home, Kate’s childhood home.

The Undertakers Daughter

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