Bluebeard & the Final Girl: Feminist Retellings of Perrault’s Classic

Sonya Vatomsky is here to examine the myth of Bluebeard, Perrault’s text as a canonical work, is in dire need of retelling. Culturally, Bluebeard has found itself linked more to temptation/knowledge narratives like the Garden of Eden and Pandora’s Box than to narratives of heroic escape from monstrous kings and ogres. This in itself is [...]

Rachel The Film

Karen Anstee is weeks away from the filming of Rachel. A short film about the complex relationships between love, death, family and religion. As writer and director, Karen shares insight into what inspired the project as well as some of the beautiful locations the production team will be shooting at. Ultimately, Rachel is an exploration of the [...]

Mrs Blunden of Basingstoke

A little local history from Death & the Maidens' own Lucy Talbot and her home town this week. Taking us back over 300 years to the July of 1674, when poor Mrs Blunden was buried alive at the Holy Ghost Chapel, Basingstoke. John Millet published his own version of events not long after. Although it [...]