Meet the Maidens

Sarah Chavez (Troop)

Sarah is a museum curator and historian who writes and recreates historical and cultural recipes for her blog, Nourishing Death; which examines the relationship between food and death in rituals, culture, religion and society. She is the executive director of  The Order of the Good Death and is a founding member of Death Salon. Sarah  is also an author and advocate for improved care and support of families experiencing infant and child death and was a contributing author to the companion book for the Emmy nominated film, Return to Zero.

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You can follow Sarah on Twitter @sarah_calavera

Lucy Coleman Talbot

Lucy’s “mortuary preoccupation” led her to complete a masters degree in Death, Religion & Culture. Last year she worked with funeral florist Stems UK to develop a new Sympathy range and is a warden at the wonderful Crossbones Memorial Garden. Lucy wrote the Little Book of Maudism. The book includes 10 lessons in life and death inspired by the 1971 cult classic and ultimate death positive film, Harold & Maude.

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You can follow Lucy on Twitter @lucyctalbot