Meet the Maidens

Lucy Coleman Talbot

Lucy is a PhD student at University of Winchester, her work examines The Cross Bones Graveyard in Southwark, where she also volunteers as a site warden. She is interested in the relationship between death and space, death rituals, bad death and cemeteries as a vessel for social change. In 2016, Lucy wrote Little Book of Maudism, the book comprises of ten lessons to live and die by from the ultimate death positive film, Harold and Maude.

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Sarah Chavez

Sarah is the executive director of the home of the Death Positive movement, The Order of the Good Death. She has a blog, Nourishing Death, which examines the relationship between food and death in rituals, culture, religion and society. In addition to these she works as a museum curator and writes and speaks about a variety of subjects. Including Mexican death practices, infant and child loss, and writes both the Pop Goes the Reaper! and Great Women in Death History series.

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