The Girl and the Graveyard

By Claire L. Smith

The dead lay smuggled amongst their bones,

Relishing the peace and deceased silence.

The sky was dark and the ground a deep plum,

Tinted by the blood and tears of ones once loved.

A dangerous laughter pierced the silence,

Breaking the peace, summoning the dead.

A girl giggling in a white nightie,

A pure dove caught in a black curtain.

At first, they loved her, her smile like tiny diamonds in the black veil.

But she took her first leap, her white robe lifting to reveal her wickedness.

She landed with a crunch, the skull collapsing beneath her feet.

With another giggle, she soared once again,

Breaking bones whilst their owners screamed.

The dead swarmed around her, cradling each other in mutual grief,

Their weak remains turned to dust between her toes,

Her laughter a toxic song, entrapped with the sound of broken bones.

From behind the curtain, immerged a man,

Dressed in white with a blank, darkened face.

He watched the girl dance, shaking his shaved head.

With a leisurely pace, he crossed the field,

Kicking the surviving bones out of his way.

With slam of his foot, he earned her attention,

Another broken skull wedged between the dirt and his shoe.

“That’s enough,” he said, “you shouldn’t do that”

Confusion buttered her brain as he reached for her,

Hauling her away by the joint of her wrist.

With one last giggle, she turned back to look,

Smiling at the dead whilst proud of her devilish art.

girl and graveyard

Claire L. Smith is an Australian author, poet, screenwriter and artist. Her creative work has been featured in Luna Luna Magazine, Mookychick, Anti-Heroin Chic and Moonchild Magazine. Her essays promoting gender equality has been featured in Business Woman Media, Mookychick, NerdVanaTV and A Woman’s Thing. She is also an official contributor to Outlet Magazine.

A full list of Claire’s work can be found here.

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